CSI Precast - total quality product line of custom engineered precast concrete structures
CSI Precast - total quality product line of custom engineered precast concrete structures Precast Concrete Products Contact CSI Precast Precast Concrete Structure Quote CSI Precast concrete is a Gillotti Company


The Gillotti Companies have over 75 years of concrete-related production experience. We have vast experience in everything from producing ready-mix, constructing concrete streets, parking lots and foundations, and of course, manufacturing precast concrete structures. CSI Precast began producing precast concrete structures in 1995. We know and understand construction, and how best to utilize precast structures. CSI Precast has pioneered the development and application of precast structures for traditional cast-in-place applications. We produce a wide variety of precast products including storm sewer inlets, manholes, highway barriers, architectural facades, utility vaults, and box culverts. They all meet the most stringent of specifications. We also produce proprietary products under licensing agreements, such as mechanically stabilized earth panels.

We can handle any project you might have. Our engineers can design precast structures for any loading conditions. Larger structures are designed and assembled in components. Our superior fit and finish tolerances assure rapid and accurate assembly.

Detailed analysis demonstrates that installed precast structures cost significantly less than cast-in-place structures, and just as important, can be installed in a fraction of the time required with form-and-pour techniques. They also free-up your skilled carpenters to work at other tasks.

Quality is assured by a State of Iowa-approved quality control program, and all of our precast concrete products are guaranteed to meet the quoted specifications.

Finally, please be confident that your business dealings with CSI Precast will always be professional as we are long standing members of the National Precast Concrete Association.